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DVB 2000 Utilities

DVB2KAPI 1.0 (Updated Apr.17th 2001)
This development package simplifies programming for the dBox by providing an easy-to-use interface for C/C++ programmers. 
See DVB2KAPI page... 

Windows 2000/XP Driver Version 1.2 (Updated Dec. 9th 2000)
This driver satisfies Windows 2000s request for a PnP driver. 
Download Version 1.2:
Download Version 1.1:
(Yes... it works also with Windows XP... without a change)

DVBZap Utility 1.00 (Released March 29th 2001)
This utility allows you to zap between the first 70 TV channels without touching the remote control. SCSI-Connection required ! 
Download: DVBZap100.EXE

DVB2000 Audio Server 1.02 (Updated Nov. 6th 2000)
You want to listen to digital music on another PC than the one your d-Box/Mediamaster is connected to ? No Problem. This server provides the currently running audio stream on a Winamp-Compatible TCP/IP Server. Just connect to port 81 of the machine running the server and listen...
Download: DVB2000 Audio Server V1.02.EXE (CURRENTLY BETA !)
SCSI-Connection required !


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