On this page, you will find some software to update your old galaxis receiver (download below). 

It should run on all 32Bit Windows systems and supports the following galaxis receiver models:

  • galaxis Matrix S/C/T
  • galaxis Easy S/C/T
  • galaxis Easy*
  • galaxis pop

This downloader does not work with protected bootloaders (version 3.10).

Due to the bankcruptcy of galaxis you can no longer download firmware updates from their website. You can find some the official firmwares on the iqzone pages.

Please note that you are using this software at your own risk. Neither galaxis nor Gkware can/will provide any support if updating your box using the serial download mechanism fails.

You can download the downloader (screenshot above) here:

GkWare Serial downloader V1.0


Copyright 2010 GkWare e.K.